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Long time fan of the band, new member on here. :-p

When I was a 6th grader (fall of '96 I think, to be more specific) I first "Come Out and Play" on the radio. This band became one of my favorite bands of all time ever since. Later on I got the Americana record, my first of them all. Then Smash later on, then Ixnay and so on. :)

Yup, I got all their records (and yeah their Greatest Hits CD in which is seperate from that). I have most of their DVDs too (all but the Americana one). The other day I got Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace! They've definitely reverted back to their older music a bit on this one, along with trying out some more new things. It's very good.

I really love the songs "Hammerhead", "Trust in You", "Stuff is Messed Up", "You're Gonna Go Far, Kid" and "A Lot Like Me" as favorites. Stuff is Messed Up, WOW. Seriously, Dexter surprised me with the bridge on that song. And A Lot Like Me is IMO one of their best of the slower songs.

What about the rest of you towards the new record that came out last month? You like it? Hate it? ^_^ What about the Hammerhead video? I think that's cool. The dogs remind me of the Terminator movies, coooool. XD

So right now I'm ripping all the Offspring CDs onto my Windows Media Library, and have been in an Offspring nostalgia ever since I got Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace. I've been going over to the webpage again and going back to some of the most awesome fansites.

For me it's hard to say what's my most favorite Offspring CD or song, because I like all their stuff a lot, and I have more than a handful of favorite songs.

Y'know, I was born in 1984, and that's how long The Offspring's been rocking on. They STILL know how to rock! ...Oh, and I've yet to see them live one day (that is if I have someone to go with).

-Marianne, from Southern Maryland
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