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the youth energy from Russia

...the first name of the group was The Wood. That's important. The Hostel is some kind of union of people, animals, trees and different objects. The group also shares a post-rock concept of depersonalising of music so pesonalised in rock-n-roll times, so that on the box of the first album of The Hostel there aren't any names of musicians.

The Hostel follows the idea of 60's psychodelic music, NY downtown avantguard music, industrial music and different ethnic traditions. Texts are written in a visionary and surrealistic style. Sometimes they look like an ancient poem, sometimes like a symbolistic poetry.

Well, The Hostel is surely a peace of postmodernity.

However, as a russian group (The Hostel lives in Moscow), The Hostel consider the disunity, the fragmentation of everything in the art and in the world at all as a big tradegy and perfoms some kind of a rush to the Whole, to the integrity, to the deepest roots of being. You see that philosophy is their cup of tea..

The Hostel was founded in 2004 in a russian city Oryol despite the fact of Moscow's their native city. Nowadays the group is quite famous in Russia and considered as a distinguishing musical phenomena by the most influencial journalists.

A Woman Has Got Up album (disk II)
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