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whoa this is the first update in a long time.....

anyways, I don't know how many people know this, but just today i found out that the offspring's song "baghdad" on rock against bush vol.1(i strongly reccommend you buy this cd) is the same song as "tehran" which is on their first album, except they replaced the word Iran with Iraq and Tehran with Baghdad.

Anyways, congrads to The Offspring on their Greatest Hits release yesterday, I'm still not sure if I should get it or not, considering that I own 3 of their cds, which is most of the songs on there.
I'd also like to congratualte them for being in the Warped Tour for the first time.
I have to go to that....
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baghdad was the first one I think... thought, it's funny you say that because back when they where written, the two countries, Iraq and Iran, hated each other, but America was mainly at war with Baghdad. I think the choice to release it as Tehran was more of a concious choice to make the album public but still be able to have Kill the President (which is now banned).

this is specutive knowledge, please correct me anybody if wrong.
the whole thing is sort of confusing
but whichever was released first, The Offspring probably thought it right to release the "baghdad" version for rock against bush, to fit with modern times and the war and all that.
n regards to the Greatest Hits thing, I'm getting it, and I have all the CDs...so, I'd say get it. But then again, I'm really, really obsessed... ^^;;