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well the offspring is totally my favorite band, and I finally saw them for the first time in may... and wow, they were even better than I expected... I didn't think Dexter would be able to hit the notes in "Self Esteem", and noodles rocked his guitar... higgins was great, too :P
But you know who else is awesome? Sister Hazel! I don't know if you guys know who they are, but they had a couple really big hits, "All For You" and "Change Your Mind"... and they put on the best live shows I've ever seen. Anyway, they're still around, on their own label now, and their newest cd (Lift) is being released on August 24th, along with Drew Copeland's solo album, No Regrets. But all you die hard fans ;) can pre order the albums now and get them by August 18th! If you order either, you can get a second of the same one for just $5 more, and if you order Lift, you get a free limited edition poster with it! Also, their newest single, "Just what I needed" is at radio stations now, so request it so you can hear it! You can also hear a medley of new songs at their website, Whoo hoo!
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